March 30, 2019

[Notice regarding recruiting]


We 212NEWYORK are recruiting hairdressers and acupuncturists who are true to themselves.Gone are the days of working and earning through common sense. Build your own rhythm.

 - I don’t want to work weekends!
 - I want to surf before my shift!
 - I want to go home by X o’clock!
 - I don’t want to be restrained!
 - I want to work overseas!

Consult with us on anything. (This isn’t about irresponsible and indifferent outsourcing. Let’s talk terms.)
We at 212 are looking for people who can understand the values listed below. Sorry if you don’t understand.

“If the store gets better, you get better. If you get better, the store gets better. 212 does not value just you, just the store, just the owner. You’re free to become independent or dependent. But respect people and be courteous. You need to be a perfect professional when working. You cannot blame others or be negative. The owner who pays you may be a little arrogant, but he will not be completely controlling unless you really stand out. You must bring your secret weapon, whether that be technique or communication skills. If you don’t have a weapon, we’ll give you our best.”

We’ll support you if you want to do something. If you don’t have anything you want to do, we’ll drag you in. If you want us to leave you alone, we will. If you want to sit back, we won’t stop you. If you want to come back, we’ll welcome you (depending on what you learned when you were sitting back.) If we’re going to spend time anyways, we might as have fun while we’re at it.
*If you want to introduce services or work that 212 does not have at the moment, we may adopt it depending on your presentation.